Gamification application: language learning

For the most part I am generally opposed to the idea of gamification. This stems perhaps from a lack of creativity in how gamification is used in practice, focusing primarily on gimmicky points systems and extrinsic motivators.

Gamification exploration: roguelikes

  • Go on language learning "runs" where you encounter different words and challenges each time
  • Permadeath flashcards where if you make certain amount of mistakes, your run is ended
  • How can the process of language learning be different each time? How can there be an element of procedural generation?
    • Levels/rooms with different word types (adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc)
    • Or a level could be a set of similar words, exploring the level is sort of like exploring a memory palace: words/enemies have specific locations, and there may be puzzles or barriers you have to cross
  • Is there a place for items or power-ups that you can collect as you make your way through your language journey?

Gamification exploration: strategy games

  • Words somehow placed on a map and you must figure out ways to connect them and form sentences?
  • Turn your ability to write or communicate in the language into a resource, writing sentences or learning new words lets you build X or Y or upgrade in certain ways (ala FTL)

Gamification exploration: text adventure

  • Learn spatialized words (under, over, on) and verbs out of necessity, however mostly takes place in first person so not very great for learning tenses?
  • There is a certain level of self-discovery in text adventures which is appealing, the feeling of having many possibilities in any given room and wanting to experiment and try different phrases (pick up this, turn off, turn on, walk over there)
  • The problem with this approach is that it may require a lot of well-written material, best way about this would be to actually find active MUD text-adventures in the language you are looking to learn