Tools for thought metaphoring



  • A forest is much bigger scale than a garden, there is lots of space for exploration. But we are not the only people in the forest, there are hundreds and thousands of different creatures and living things everywhere you look. In tools for thought this forest is perhaps analagous to the internet, with ideas growing in every nook and cranny. Except perhaps today's internet is becoming "industrialized" and the forest of ideas is ever pushed to the fringes. Social networks are the digital urban sprawl—perhaps social sprawl to coin a new term. Although that seems to be more connected to how scattered we are between a number of social networks.
  • There is a wonder of walking through a forest, you are surrounded by large trees and canopies towering above you. The air is fresh and the scenery is calming. People go for walks and hikes together in forests—can you walk together through information spaces? Take a journey down Heidegger lane or walk the path of educational theorists, how can you take a journey with these big figures and ideas as background scenery to your conversation... Because that's what you do when you walk together, conversation grows and develops, and sometimes you interact with your surroundings.


  • Grows out, create paths, roads
  • What are the roads and paths of your tool for thought
  • In Roam there are nodes but not good functionality for path-making
  • Different methods of transportation

Public square

  • Invite and hang out in public setting, what are the public areas of knowledge work



  • Seeds, growing ideas over time
  • Tend to ideas


  • Tools for thought should be flexible in their use, just like paper is flexible for all kinds of different uses and manipulations. You can write, draw, cut, fold, arrange side-by-side, but computer systems simply do not have this flexibility. Is it possible to make technology as flexible in its use as paper?


  • Your ideas span across different dimensions, what would it look like to ravel and unravel different threads of thought. Can this be mediated by some kind of AI. What are the ethics of AI?