Online learning often lacks engagement

The problem with online learning is not attention span, it is that online learning—in particular, MOOCs—is simply not engaging to

Universities look at the discrepancy between signups and the number of sign-ups and the number of people completing a course and see a problem: over 90% of the students never progress further than a few videos. The culprit often is low attention spans but this is not really the heart of the problem, and making shorter videos will only lower this discrepancy by a fraction (The problem with online learning is not attention span). At some problem this discrepancy will always exist because not everybody is really interested or motivated to finish the courses and just wants to check them out, but the real problem is that MOOCs are not engaging to students.

The same model for current education is adapted to the online medium, just with shortened length to account for 'attention spans'. This is not ideal, MOOCs require more

Thinking about solutions: Three engagement factors