Vocabulary of computer interaction may still be nascent

Computer have a Language of interaction⁠—clicking, scrolling, dragging, typing are some of the core "verbs" in the proto-language that is digital interfaces. However these are just the building blocks upon which more complex words and structures of interaction can evolve.

Some neologists of computer interaction:

  • Craig Tashman and his plethora of new verbs of interaction with Liquidtext
  • Andy Matuschak with many of his experiments, most recently experimenting with temporal interfaces and reading interspersed with flashcards in Quantum Country
  • Ted Nelson, and his great verb "transclusion"
  • Bret Victor, both his past research and current experiments with making computers physically manipulable in the real world at Dynamicland

An interesting project would be to document both well-established and experimental forms of interaction to map out the possibility space and begin to see the interconnections between different experiments in interfaces. I would call this: Encyclopedia Interactica.

Side note: Dreaming of high tech HCI such as brain-computer interfaces where we can control computers with our thoughts is like dreaming about telepathic communication instead of figuring out how to use the language of today to better express your thoughts.