Engaging mediums encourage thought

An engaging medium is one which brings the reader into active conversation with the material. It is a medium which encourages the reader to think, make, or act, beyond mindlessly consuming material.

It is difficult however to design engaging mediums. This could be because engagement takes effort on the part of the participant, or perhaps it is because we don't know how to design engaging mediums well. It is why many games have a tutorial, and some of the best designed games teach you naturally through gameplay. Games are inherently engaging mediums but only within the bounded world of the game.

Some research and progress towards engaging mediums:

In opposition with: Immersive mediums replace thought

Beware: Addictive mediums


  • What makes a medium addictive versus engaging? Is it just intent, or is there something fundamental about how the system is designed?
    • Addictive mediums construct desire, often around an agenda of profit. Conversely, truly engaging (perhaps engaging is not the right term anymore) mediums allow the participant to follow their own desires? The fine line between lies in kindly leading the participant rather than forcing a desire upon them.