ʘ Open Design Challenges

How to organize ʘ Open Design Challenges?

  • This page is becoming a central hub for bigger questions which arise out of my notes, how might be best to organize and categorize these design challenges?

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  • What kinds of new forms of "transportation" can we create to explore and interact with content and articles on the internet?

Engaging mediums encourage thought

  • How might we take inspiration from games to design more engaging mediums for learning?

Applications are designed for authoring not thinking

  • How can we design and develop new tools for thought?

Design verbs not objects

  • What new verbs can enable new ways of using and exploring digital systems?
  • Perhaps there would be benefit in identifying the verbs which already exist?

Personal projects structure learning and engagement

  • How can writing give the reader a goal as to structure engagement?

How to navigate densely-linked notes?

  • What kinds of interfaces would be helpful for navigating highly interconnected networks of information?

Learning Groups

  • How can we design a system which enables groups of people to collectively learn and teach each other?

Conversational Interfaces (related to learning pods)

  • How can we design digital interfaces which enable in-depth conversation and collaboration?