Personal projects structure learning and engagement

Most mediums are not inherently engaging. Reading, watching and consuming content is typically a passive cycle. The level of engagement with material depends on each individual reader. The problem perhaps is when there is no reason to engage, no goal or structure through which to engage (Three engagement factors).

Personal projects solve this. When working on a project, reading and researching become steps towards a bigger goal or motivation. That which was previously passive content forms a new meaning as being a tool for bringing you closer to this goal. Similarly Games are inherently engaging mediums because they give the player a goal along with tools to work towards that goal.

When I reflect upon my own learning experiences, most of what I've learnt has arisen directly out of personal projects. I strongly believe this should be the guiding principle of education, Education should nurture people to develop their own projects, research, and ideas. As well to connect peers to review and give each other feedback on their work so that they can grow together.

What does this entail for reading and writing? Perhaps when I read a book I should have a project in mind, or first create a plan of what I hope to get out of it. Through writing can you perhaps structure micro-projects for engagement? Or perhaps tell the reader to not continue unless they have a specific project in mind? Or bring the reader into a larger, communal project, shared across every reader of the book?