Learning Groups

Learning groups, peer-to-peer courses, and course co-laboratories are all terms for the same idea of bringing people together to learn. The internet is full of endless resources to learn from alone, but The internet lacks platforms for bringing people together to learn collectively. A place where students learn and bring what they've learnt back to teach the group (Teaching is an effective to learn material and identify weak areas of knowledge), and where they can share resources with the group.

Central to researching what kind of platform can enable people to learn together in a digital medium is the idea of building better Conversational Interfaces. Just mashing people together in one room does not facilitate learning, and Video calls are not an adequate substitute to in-person communication. How can the platform itself facilitate conversation and collaboration?

Education should nurture people to develop their own projects, research, and ideas, or in other words, education should be an Enabling environment


  • 1. Connect a group around a central learning/research topic (well-defined but open for exploration)
  • 2. Instead of a teacher, participants learn together, teach each other, and share their own experiences
  • 3. Group produces an artifact to leave behind: document, video, research paper: a breadcrumb trail for future learners to follow in their footsteps

The last point about producing an artifact to leave behind is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects because each pod will inevitably have different processes, skills, and output of this final artifact. It may however be a very useful goal to work towards.


  • What kinds of ways are there to collaboratively meet and share ideas?
  • How can a platform facilitate group dynamics and conversation?
  • How might a discussion or conversation forum be structured as to work towards creating a polished final product
    • Iteratively refining and summarising, discussion starts out in a "rough ideas" section and slowly moves through the process of refinement