How to navigate densely-linked notes?

What kinds of interfaces would be helpful for navigating highly interconnected networks of information?


  • Collect external backlinks for each page, display similarly to internal backlinks down below? Perhaps this can be displayed as another tab, should there be different categories for tweets, blogs, or other people's digital gardens?
  • Different zoom levels for zooming in and out, zoom out far enough and you can see a network of connections between pages. With icons: Chladni patterns can provide visual representations of complexity
  • Preview popups for external sites. Automatically grab screenshots?
  • Experiment with calculating document vectors for each page to find other pages with similar content that might not have been directly linked
  • How can you tell which pages have been recently updated? Perhaps introducing a changelog, or even a history of each page would be very interesting to explore
  • Put link button at the top of each page to copy link for just that page
  • Use Tom Critchlow's latest project, quotebacks, to embed quotes from other websites, roam databases, pdfs, and digital gardens into my own notes website